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Certificate of Excellence/Letter of Recommendation

Participants in our Ambassador Program earn a Certificate of Excellence and a Letter of Recommendation, recognizing their outstanding dedication to mental health advocacy. These credentials serve as valuable assets, validating their commitment and expertise, and opening doors to future opportunities in the field of psychology and beyond.

Appreciation Letter from CEO, Positive Mind Care

One of the esteemed benefits of our Ambassador Program is receiving a Appreciation Letter directly from the CEO of Positive Mind Care. It serves as a testament to your impactful contribution towards promoting mental wellness and empowering communities.

Experience In Human Psychology

Another invaluable benefit of our Ambassador Program is the hands-on experience gained in human psychology. Through conducting psychology sessions and interacting with diverse individuals, interns develop a deeper understanding of human behavior, enhancing their skills and insights in mental health advocacy and support.

Monetary Incentives

The ambassadors will receive a stipend for their contributions, acknowledging their dedication to mental health advocacy and community empowerment, ensuring recognition and support for their valuable work.

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Join our Psychology Ambassador Program at Positive Mind Care! As ambassadors, you’ll conduct sessions, provide guidance, and promote mental health awareness. Gain hands-on experience, receive certificates, and make a real impact in your community. Empower minds, transform lives—become a catalyst for change today!



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Practical Applications

I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the PMC Internship Program for mental health, and it has truly been a transformative experience. My name is Diya, and I am grateful for the chance to share my thoughts on this remarkable internship.

Diya Mehrotra PMC Intern

One of the most rewarding aspects of the internship was the chance to make a positive impact on individuals facing mental health challenges. Engaging with clients and witnessing their progress highlighted the importance of compassionate and evidence-based approaches in mental health care.

Naveen Shah PMC Intern

I highly recommend the PMC Internship Program to anyone passionate about mental health and eager to gain practical experience in the field. It has been an unforgettable journey, and I am confident that the skills and insights I've gained will continue to positively influence my career.

Samiksha PMC Intern